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Graduates Holding Diplomas


Rafael Perez

Audit Senior 3 at Deloitte

Rafael was the ALPFA RU NB President in 2013 and had an immense impact in creating the ALPFAmilia bond that our members share today, as well as establishing our professional presence. Having some of the largest and successful events during his presidency, including a Goldman Sachs Informational and a Bloomberg Women's Panel, Rafael had a major impact in creating the well-balanced structure we cherish today. Rafael's charisma and inspirational leadership established ALPFA's culture, and he continues to be a leading supporter of ALPFA RU NB.



Financial Associate Analyst at United Airlines

Bruno was the two-time President of ALPFA RU NB from 2018 to 2020. Under his leadership, ALPFA RU NB expanded from 4 to 100+ members. Bruno also helped lead our chapter to become the Northeast Chapter of the Year at the 2020 ALPFA National Convention. Bruno was also Co-founder of the ALPFA Fund initiative and organized the 2020 Spring Northeastern Symposium to be held at Rutgers Business School. Given COVID-19, the event had to be transitioned to virtual and has since then remained virtual.


vanessa formica

Investment Banking Analyst at UBS

Co-founder of the ALPFA Fund Initiative and Vice President within the 2020-2021 Academic Year, Vanessa pioneered many ideas, including our Opportunities Database, and did so while inspiring and encouraging members to pursue front office Finance. She also regularly mentored several current members.


Catherine Saavedra

Senior Analyst, Global Human Resources at J&J

Catherine was President of ALPFA RU NB from 2017-2018 and helped continue the legacy of the leaders before her by reviving the club's momentum. She also brought many professional development opportunities to ALPFA by hosting several successful company events. She now continues to assist ALPFA RU NB by leading many Johnson and Johnson company events and recruiting directly from our member base.


Karina santos

Analyst at Cisco

Karina was the ALPFA RU NB President of the 2020-2021 School Year and Vice President from 2019-2020. Karina took initiative on numerous events and was the first President to pilot an all-virtual ALPFA organization for 1.5 years. Months before and all throughout the global COVID-19 Pandemic, Karina continued to successfully lead, grow, and maintain ALPFA's exceptional reputation.

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