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Event offerings


Event types


Company events

We work alongside recruiters to schedule company showcases and events, where our members gain special insight from industry professionals, gain application information, and more. Our company events are typically concentrated within the Finance, Accounting, Technology, and Supply Chain Management space. 


Social events

Our social events cover a wide range of focuses including bond-building activities and social awareness events. Examples of bond-building activities include game nights and Hispanic heritage month celebrations. Examples of social awareness events include sessions about race and ethnicity, cultural awareness, privilege, and more.


ALPFA National and Regional Events

ALPFA National leads the most anticipated event of the year, the ALPFA National Convention. Within it, members gain exclusive access to dozens of company partners and exciting activities and workshops. ALPFA National also administers regional symposiums for the Fall and Spring. ALPFA RU NB attends the Northeast Fall and Spring Symposiums. Regional events include any events involving surrounding professional chapters such as ALPFA NY and ALPFA Boston.


Professional Development events

Our professional development events are typically held in-house, and concentrate on topics created by our Executive Board that promote the professional development of our members. Event examples include resume and professionalism workshops, mock interviewing, internship preparation, and more. We tailor our events per semester and analyze our member base in order to determine what type of events to offer for that given semester.


Academic events

Our academic events primarily focus on educating our members about the business school's offerings and how to achieve academic success. Event examples include studying sessions, Business School tips, and other relevant information centered on academic progression.

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