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A message from our president

Outside of ALPFA's vicinity, many of us are labeled as "Diversity Hires" or part of a Diversity and Inclusion initiative. We become one of one, whether in the workplace or in the classroom, and almost always fall under the scrutiny of others' preconceptions. That changes now, and it changes with us.

As your President, my primary goal is to create community, for us, by us. Here, we don't have labels. Here, we don't fall under a diversity initiative. Here, we appreciate all of our unique and beautiful stories and teach each other how to become better human beings and professionals.

I have seen the constant expansion and success of our organization for several years, and we will continue to provide the necessary space and resources for our individuals to continue growing. Our members do not aim to have a seat at the table, they work to make one, and together, we uplift one another and become one of many.

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  • Susan Badia

  • Jonathan Ortiz

  • Anuj Luthra

  • Kimberly Santiago

  • Byant Yancha-Pazmino

  • Jinson Buri

  • Bruno Diaz

  • Karina Santos

  • Vanessa Fomica

  • Angel Reyes

  • Alex Diaz

  • Nathalie Pereda

  • Luis Gasca

FSO Technology Advisory Program at Ernst and Young 20'

Launch Business Consulting Intern at Ernst and Young 21'

Global Operations Summer Analyst at Bank of America 21'

Finance Summer Analyst at PNC Bank 21'

ALPFA Fellowship 

ALPFA Fellowship 21'

United Internship and Full-Time Offer 19'

Cisco LIFT Internship and Full-Time Offer 19'

Pioneer Intern at Deloitte 19'

ALPFA Winter Fellowship 20'

ALPFA Winter Fellowship 20'

Human Resources Summer Analyst at Bank of America and Full-Time Offer

Finance Summer Analyst at JP Morgan Chase and Full-Time Offer

ALPFa STORIEs: Kimberly Santiago

"When I first came to Rutgers, due to the size of the school, I needed to find a place where I felt I belong. I explored several clubs but I first noticed ALPFA when a classmate of mine would constantly post pictures with other students and professionals dressed in suits. I was intrigued and I knew I wanted to be part of an organization with that type of standard and reputation. After transferring into RBS, I immediately reached out to ALPFA's Instagram page. Within two weeks of joining ALPFA, I was attending the National Convention, which helped me secure an internship for Summer 2020 and 2021. Throughout the school year, I went to events and meetings and truly fell in love with the bond of the group. When I noticed this was really an ALFPAmilia, I told myself I'd be a committed member. I became part of the Finance Committee which was a great experience and months later, became the Treasurer for the 2021-2022 school year. I am incredibly grateful because ALPFA has given me all of the social and business skills I need to succeed on any team. I look forward to passing down my knowledge and helping other students succeed. I love ALPFAmilia!" 

ALPFa STORIEs:Damion Abrams

"Coming into college as an athlete, that was my only focus and priority and I did not give much thought to what life would be like in my future outside of sports. Once I transferred into Rutgers and when I decided to no longer play sports I had to find a new passion and career goal that could fill that void. ALPFA changed my life by being surrounded by some of the brightest and career-oriented individuals at RBS. My road to ALPFA started with eating ice cream! That was the selling point that influenced me to attend the general interest meeting. I brought all of my housemates who were football players and we ate all the ice cream. But as I listened and saw how family-oriented, driven, and committed the former Eboard members were at the meeting, I became super interested. I began attending events, workshops, career fairs and was exposed to many opportunities that I would not have had if I didn't go eat all the ice cream at the ALPFA event. The former Vice President, Vanessa Formica, became a mentor to me and introduced me not only to ALPFA but to the world of finance. So, I took the role as Vice President to give back and help members achieve their goals or at least offer them the same opportunities that ALPFA offered me."

ALPFa STORIEs: BRyant Yancha-PAzmino

"ALPFA was the first organization to welcome me to Rutgers University. I remember attending my first event for ALPFA in 2019, it was an ice-cream social led by the former President, Bruno Diaz. Since then, it has turned into an immense support system throughout my college experience. I am grateful to have seen the impact that ALPFA has had on its members throughout the years. ALPFA has opened doors and extended opportunities that as changed the lives of many individuals, including myself. What sets us apart is the true sense of community within our ALPFAmilia that is strongly valued through the leaders that continue to connect like-minded individuals and support them with their transition into the professional workforce. I take pride in being part of ALPFA and hope to continue expanding and adding to our ALPFAmilia as the Director of Membership."

ALPFa STORIEs: Jonathan Ortiz

"After transferring into RBS during a fully remote academic year, I found myself feeling isolated due to the lack of Latinx representation in my classes. After meeting ALPFA at the 2020 Virtual Involvement Fair, I knew I found a community in which I could find solidarity. Since then, ALPFA has empowered and encouraged me to reach my professional and personal goals. ALPFA has opened several doors for me and has directly supported my academic and personal success by granting me a merit scholarship and assisting me in attaining competitive internships within consulting and investment banking. I currently serve as the Secretary for ALPFA because I want to give back to the organization that has done so much for me. I hope to aid ALPFA in inspiring and empowering the next wave of underrepresented minority leaders who feel the way I did before joining."


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