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alpfa alumni, join our alumni database! Coming Soon.

Coming Soon!

Interested in bringing your company to alpfa? Email us!

Possible Forms of Contributing to Our ALPFA Chapter:

  • Sharing Internship/Job Opportunities with our Member Base

  • Making your Organization Aware of ALPFA's Presence

  • Recruiting within our Member Base

  • Donating to our Chapter on Rutgers Giving Day in the Spring

  • Keeping Contact with our ALPFA Chapter!

bruno diaz

president 18' and 19'

"ALPFA is way more than just a professional organization for me. ALPFA helped me gain my internship and full-time offer at United, but it allowed me to grow personally as well. I met students and professionals from all over the country, strengthened my leadership and public speaking skills, visited countless cities through the Symposiums and Conventions, and made countless friends that I consider my ALPFAmilia to this day. I continue to give back because as a first-generation college student, ALPFA really guided me in the right direction, and I want to make that oath for those behind me easier. Our ALPFA chapter has countless potential and it is only right that we invest in it."

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